SEMBENE! A Documentary Film

When Ousmane Sembene first picked up a movie camera in the early 1960’s, during the heady days of early African independence, African culture was disappearing under the deluge of European stories. SEMBENE! celebrates a sixth-grade dropout who fought a 50-year battle to return African stories to Africa. Using an innovative weave of gorgeous handcrafted animation and new and archival footage, this true-life epic follows as an ordinary man transforms himself into a pioneering freedom fighter who used storytelling as a weapon for resistance and cultural renewal.

Writer/Producer/Director(s): Samba Gadjigo & Jason Silverman
Writer/Creative Consultant: Boubacar Boris Diop
Executive Producer: IMPACT Partners
Producer: Kisha Cameron-Dingle
Co-Producer: Andrea Meditch
Associate Producer: Abdoul Aziz Cisse
Production Co(s): Galle Ceddo Projects, LLC/Completion Films
Status: In Production
Genre: Documentary
Release: Summer 2011

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