About the company

Completion Films is committed to helping companies, and studios make the diverse international connections that make major motion pictures possible.  We support the development and production of films directed by aspiring talents from all over the globe.  And strive to give their passion and skills the global reach it deserves, bringing their creativity to the hearts of the world.

Founded by Kisha Imani Cameron, Completion Films brought together her passion for helping driven film creatives’ succeed and making an impact on the film community.  This passion and drive give Completion Films the ability to connect outstanding talent with outstanding companies and studios.

For over 20 years, Kisha has been impacting film creatives and the film & TV industries.  As a producer, she has worked with brilliant minds like Spike Lee (Bamboozled), Raoul Peck (Sometimes In April), and notable companies such as New Line Cinema, Walden Media, and most recently, ITV America.

Though she is most renowned for her work in the BIPOC creative community, her reach in the industry has been vast.  Including a production deal with Focus Features that led to the creation of the “Focus Features Africa First Short Film Program.” 

While her love of the film community will always be a significant focus, Kisha’s credits continue to expand.  Recently, her credits have included coaching with CHIEF, speaking at private paid events, and her elite level 1-on-1 coaching program Cameron Career Coaching.  

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